Find all the information needed to run Admammoth platform

Written by Juha Kopponen

Get started with Admammoth

Learn basics of Admammoth platfrom.


This documentation is meant to explain core functionalities of platform. Affiliate platform tracks sales and payments for affiliates / influencers in Admammoth network. 



Every affiliate needs to signup into system through . You can find signup/signin button from top right corner: 


On next screen please select “Affiliates Signup ->” and you will get to following page:

Please fill in the Sign Up form with correct details. For “Referral ID” section you may use your Instagram / Other social media username for example.

After filling in all the details and completing Sign Up form, you will receive next steps over email, on email you will also find link for setting up your account password.



Sign In

Once your account is approved, you will receive email with login link. You can also always login from website, through “Login” button. 


Affiliate dashboard

Once you login to eCartic affiliate platform, you will see following view:

Main view will show latest news, latest conversions and details for your dedicated affiliate manager. (You may contact your affiliate manager if you have any issues using Admammoth affiliate platform) 



How to promote offer


You can easily find all campaigns available under “Promotion -> Campaigns”. You will see a list of all affilaite campaigns available for you.


Get your affiliate link or coupon code

You can find all promotional material, links and your discount codes under “Promotion -> Banners & Links”. See image below:



You can search material per campaign from “Campaign” selection, remember to press Apply if you use any filters to get correct results.

Here is example (image below) for “Smileo FI” campaign for discount code and affiliate link. In many campaigns in Admammoth network sales are tracked both through affiliate link and discount codes to get full picture of affiliate sales (eg. affiliate won’t lose sales that won’t go through their affiliate links but use affiliates discount code)